Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Philadelphia

Priority Restoration LLC has been helping home and business owners facing devastating damage from storms, wind, flooding and fire for many years. We strive to deliver a fast, efficient service responding in as little as 1 hour. Our dedicated team work fast to secure, survey and establish a restoration program to return your property to its pre-loss condition. We are highly skilled and work with the latest, cutting-edge technology, and because we’re available 24/7 you can rely on us day or night to help you tackle the problem in hand. To find out more, call us now on (215) 281-3473

Water Damage Cleanup in Philly

water damage philadelphiaThe effect of water damage on the property of every kind can be devastating, affecting structural stability, utilities and damaging your possessions. And no property is immune to its effects – whether the result of adverse weather conditions or an accident.

At Priority Restoration LLC we understand how stressful and upsetting this kind of damage can be for home and business owners alike. Our service is careful, thorough and delivered with compassion every step of the way.
Services we provide in the event of water damage to your property:
  • Damage evaluation
  • Water extraction
  • Drying out (using specialist equipment)
  • Moisture and humidity readings
  • Available 24/7
  • Fast response time – 1hr
  • Detailed estimates
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and well-equipped technicians
  • Help with insurance paperwork, coordination with insurance companies in making claims
  • Personal service
Our highly skilled, trained and screened experts work with the latest technology to tackle every kind of water damage problem. Benefits of working with us include:
We are also very experienced in controlling mold resulting from flooding, excess water or accidental spillages and leaks and work with various specialist techniques to remove, treat and prevent it.
Additional Water Damage Information

Solutions to Water Damage

Water damage in DE can result in significant damage to different properties. No property is immune to water effects. If you have previously faced some loss due to water damage, you are in a better place. Even to those who are yet to experience the impact of water damage there are ways that water damage in Philadelphia and water damage restoration in Collegeville, PA can be resolved.

Water Damage Restoration in Philadelphia

Water damage repair in Philadelphia is a huge problem that’s affecting the majority of the residents. Priority Restoration is a reputable company that provides water damage repair in Philadelphia. We specialize in water damage restoration in Philadelphia and water damage cleanup in Philadelphia. Our company has highly skilled and experienced plumbers who guarantee water damage restoration in Philadelphia is resolved in the shortest time possible. For water damage repair in Philadelphia as well as for water damage cleanup in Philadelphia, contact Priority Restoration for affordable and quality work. Water damage in Philadelphia should now be a worry of the past.

Water Damage in Skippack, PA, Water Damage in Collegeville, PA, and Water Damage Restoration in West Chester, PA

In the event of a heavy storm in Philadelphia, flooding may likely occur, resulting in water damages. Also, accidents from storms such as leaks and overspill may result in water damage in homes and commercial premises.

If you are experiencing water damage in Skippack, PA, water damage in Collegeville, PA or you are seeking for water damage restoration in West Chester, PA, act fast and contact Priority Restoration, LLC.

Our team of experienced plumbers will respond immediately to secure and reduce the problem, limiting water damages that would have occurred on your property. Our team is equipped with the latest techniques to ensure water damage restoration in West Chester, PA, water damage restoration in Collegeville, PA, and water damage in Skippack, PA are completed with utmost care.

Don’t wait until water creates damage to your home or business property. At Priority Restoration, LLC, we operate 24/7 to ensure issues on water damage in Skippack, PA, water damage in Philadelphia, and water damage in Collegeville, PA are sorted as soon as you make a contact request.

Water Damage Services in Collegeville, Skippack & West Chester, PA

Water damage from flooding can happen in the wake of a storm or natural disaster, but also as a result of accidents – leaks and overspills in the home. Water damage can be disastrous – even just a few inches of water can threaten not just occupants but interior furnishing and building components.
If you’re suffering water damage from flooding or leakage in your home, act fast and call Priority Restoration LLC. Our experienced team will arrive quickly on site and immediately secure and reduce the problem, limiting the damaging effect of water on your property.
Our team work with great sensitivity, skill, and compassion, handling your possessions as though they were our own. We provide:
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Cleaning and sealing of affected areas
  • Drying of carpet, upholstery, and drapery
  • Structural Drying
  • Mold remediation

Our team are trained and certified to employ the latest techniques in tackling water damage and mold remediation. We can detect where hidden moisture lies, extract the water and dry the affected area thoroughly. We then apply deodorizing and sanitizing treatments for a lasting result.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Water damage to your business can impact your ability to operate, causing huge financial setbacks if not carefully and expertly managed. What’s more, even the smallest amount of water damage can make your commercial property hazardous and unsafe for employees.
Don’t let flooding or accidental water damage affect your business operations! Priority Restoration LLC’s professional technical team can be on site in as little as 1 hour. We carefully remove your possessions – from computers to furniture and files, drain the excess water, ascertain the moisture levels and begin work to dry out the structure.
We can also contain and eradicate unsightly, unhygienic mold problems in commercial premises with a range of treatment techniques. Additionally, we deliver sewage water removal services and can create budgets for larger, industrial projects.
Advantages of working with us to eradicate water damage to your business:
  • Licensed builders as project managers
  • Experienced staff
  • Immediately available state of the art equipment with more available after 24 hours
  • Flexibility and great communication every step of the way
Don’t delay – waiting too long can result in a bigger problem and more lasting, costly damage. Contact us now on
(215) 281-3473 for a free, detailed estimate.

Don't let water create lasting damage to your home or enterprise.

Water Damage & How to Receive Top-Tier Services

Out of all the substances on earth, water is one of the most plentiful and viable solutions and for very good reasons. Of course, everyone must drink water in order to survive, but water damage to your home can be sickening. Water damage to a structure can literally weaken the structure’s core as well as weaken the outer facade. The force of water alone can match the force of wind to a certain degree because of its power. Do you live in Collegeville PA? Do you reside in Philadelphia? Does your home have water damage? Are you aware of water damage restoration?

Water Damage Restoration in Philadelphia

For top-of-the-line water damage restoration, storm damage, or mold services in Philadelphia then it would be wise to seek professional assistance. This professional assistance comes in the form of Priority Restoration, and this cleanup and repair provider is headquartered in Philadelphia.

Water Damage Cleanup in Philly

Priority Restoration has been around for several years, and it provides water damage restoration, cleanup and repair services for multiple states. This includes the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Whether services are needed in the heart of Philly or restorative and repair services are needed in Collegeville PA, this company has the tri-state area covered. The importance of water damage is no laughing matter. Water damage to a house can be a nightmare because the water will soak in and ruin just about anything that it touches. Some of the most common issues with water damage tends to be mold, bacteria growth, mildew and rot. Though your home may possess some forms of pressure-treated wood in its structure, the home’s interior walls and floors are susceptible to degradation.

What Makes Priority Restoration So Different From Its Competitors?

Well, Priority Restoration utilizes some of the industry’s best equipment that’s designed for water damage. On top of that, this phenomenal contractor uses some of the most advanced techniques to restore your home to its natural state. Structural drying is what Priority Restoration does best, and it has clients in Philly as well as Collegeville PA. This contractor also employs some of the best technicians who have extensive amounts of training in water damage restoration, cleanup and renovation.

This highly skilled team of technicians have worked on numerous properties that have receives extensive water damage or storm damage in NJ. Whether you call the city Philly or Philadelphia, these technicians have been known to reach your residence in as little as 60 minutes. Of course, the exact timeframe is contingent upon your actual location in the Philadelphia area. Water damage restoration is a top priority, and Priority Restoration closely follows the IICRC standards. The same thing goes for Collegeville PA residents. If you’re located in the Collegeville PA area, then there’s a possibility that you can receive services in the fastest amount of time.

If your home or business has received water damage, then you must seek help for water damage restoration and cleanup as soon as possible. Bringing your property back to a pre-loss state is what Priority Restoration can do for you. If you’re home has undergone water damage, and it’s in need of water damage restoration, mold services in DE, or mold restoration in NJ, then Priority Restoration is for you.




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