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The 3 Categories Of Water Damage Restoration Explained

Water damage can be a devastating event for any home or business, leading to costly repairs and restoration costs. Water damage can be a huge hassle but with proper restoration, it doesn’t need to cause havoc in your life. Restoration specialists are trained and equipped to handle any standard source of water issue due to tropical storms, floods, leaks, or burst pipes quickly so you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs skyrocketing. Rest assured that quick action will help reduce further destruction caused by water invasion! With a homeowners insurance company policy, you can rest assured that your home and possessions are protected against various types of damaging water-related incidents.

There are three main categories of water damage restoration based on the level of contamination: Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3. Before any restoration can begin, it is important to understand these three categories of water damage, which are based on the source of the water. Understanding these categories will help you select the right type of restoration services and help ensure the best outcome. This article will explain the three categories of water damage restoration, including the causes, types of damage, and recommended course of action.

Water Restoration Categories

Category 1

Category 1 water damage caused by clean water is the least disruptive and most easily remedied of all types. This usually occurs due to an overflowing sink, a broken pipe, a leaking faucet, or broken water supply lines – clean sources that don’t typically require extensive repair work. Dealing swiftly with this type of problem can save considerable time, money & stress!

Ensure your Category 1 water problem is taken care of by first mopping up any standing water, then utilizing fans and dehumidifiers to dry the room thoroughly. To finish off cleaning efforts, use a gentle soap with a touch of water for maximum efficacy!

Category 2

When it comes to the process of water damage, Category 2 is the most serious. Unfortunately, this kind of situation often arises from gray water sources such as washing machines, toilet overflow, or toilet tanks and can contain varieties of bacteria that might pose health risks if not addressed correctly. It’s likely to contain chemical contaminants or debris.

To get your home back to its pre-damage state, you’ll need to take some necessary steps. Start by mopping up any standing contaminated water and using a fan or dehumidifier for thorough drying out of the affected area. Once it’s dry, use an appropriate disinfectant solution so that your space is hygienically safe again!

Category 3

Category 3 water damage is one of the most dangerous and potentially hazardous types of property destruction, as it’s black water damage. This includes sewage backups, flood waters, ground surface water, or even water from rivers – all sources contaminated with germs or other harmful agents and also contain disease-causing contaminants that can put your health at risk if not treated properly. Stay safe: ensure any Category 3 type of water damage is handled quickly and efficiently!

To remediate Category 3 water damage, you’ll want to start by getting rid of any standing liquid and using air-moving equipment like fans or a dehumidifier for drying out the area. After making sure it’s completely dry, finish off with an effective disinfectant solution before bringing your space back up to speed!

Call A Professional Water Damage Restoration Experts

These are three main categories of water damage restoration process, that commercial property owners can face.

The best way to handle each water restoration category is to hire a professional water damage restoration company. They will have the proper equipment and experience to safely and effectively clean up and restore your home or business.

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