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Priority Restoration LLC - Damage Reconstruction Services in Philadelphia

Extensive damage to a home or business can feel devastating, but the best action to take is contacting a highly-trusted restoration company who can relieve the burden of picking up the pieces and rebuilding. Priority Restoration, LLC is a full-service restoration company, one of the best restoration companies in Philadelphia, ready to expertly handle all phases of remediation from cleanup to reconstruction. Our skilled team works quickly to minimize the impact of property damage to your personal life or business operations, and restore things back to normal. We work with insurance companies, assisting with paperwork and claims, to facilitate the process of complete restoration including reconstruction.

Damage Reconstruction in Philadelphia

Reconstruction services require a more specialized skill set than regular construction services. A trained reconstruction team knows how to integrate new materials with existing ones to restore a building to its original condition with safety and wellness of the client as a priority.

Following the labor-intensive process of cleaning and debris removal, salvaging as much of the original materials as possible, the next equally critical step of reconstruction restores a property back to its original condition, often better than it was before the damage occurred.

We not only offer the best damage clean up and control services, we also excel in all forms of reconstruction including:

  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Structural repairs such as walls, floors, ceiling, windows and doors
  • Drywall and plaster repairs
  • Flooring repairs, all types from carpet to wood
  • Painting services
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Roofing repairs or replacement
  • HVAC repairs

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     Priority Restoration LLC - Damage Reconstruction and Restoration in PhiladelphiaReconstruction After Fire Damage

    A fire can be devastating, but there is always hope that the damage can be reversed through meticulous cleanup and reconstruction. The main after-effects of a fire are water damage, smoke and greasy soot. Water damage is the biggest concern since a large amount of water is used all over to extinguish a fire. Water can weaken the structural integrity of building materials. Drywall can become soft, crumbly, and sometimes moldy, electrical receptacles or switches may not work properly, and wood may swell, twist and weaken creating an unsafe dwelling. Reconstruction is usually warranted after a fire to bring a building site back to wholeness. For fire damage restoration in Philadelphia, the skilled reconstruction team at Priority Restoration, LLC will assesses the damage and implement the necessary repairs to restore structural integrity to the home or business site.

    Reconstruction After Flood Damage

    Extended periods of rain or burst water pipes can lead to the unfortunate consequence of flood damage. Water can be removed and dried, but often water-logged building materials get weakened to the point they are no longer safe. The most common area to flood is the basement due to poor drainage around the house. The damage can be extensive if the basement is finished, with the potential of having to repair and replace drywall, studs or carpeting. When flood restoration in Philadelphia is required, the reconstruction team of Priority Restoration LLC will work with the client and insurance company to address all needed repairs in a timely manner, with quality workmanship to bring complete restoration to a flood-damaged space.

    Reconstruction After Mold Damage

    When water damage goes undetected or if a flooding event is not handled properly, standing water and damp materials become breeding grounds for mold. Although mold cleanup measures can help, mold must be addressed at the source of water entry to eliminate the possible return. Materials infected by mold need to be replaced, and reconstruction often goes hand in hand with mold remediation. Mold is best left to the experts, so when searching for a mold remediation in Philadelphia, Priority Restoration, LLC is your best choice. We take mold seriously, and often reconstruction is the only way to truly eliminate the issue and prevent ongoing damage.

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